Pore to Pipeline – The Competitive Advantage

Prospero Oil and Gas has the best Well Engineering team in the industry. These engineers develop reliable, efficient drilling programs and designs that reduce risk and costs while improving safety, rate of penetration (ROP) and production.


Your Dependable Partner

We have the personnel and experience to offer Well Engineering Solutions worldwide. We can perform comprehensive well design or consult on specific issues; generally well design services have three main objectives:

  • Optimizing the number of wellbores for best reservoir drainage
  • Optimizing wellbore designs for safety, speed and cost
  • Designing wells to reduce or eliminate unscheduled events and non-productive time

From bit and bottom-hole-assembly design to fluids, geomechanics and directional drilling, we can help you monitor and optimize operations more efficiently and reliably than ever.


Through years of experience and countless projects we have developed advanced workflows that offer much more than simple monitoring of drilling parameters; our real-time solutions produce measurable performance results that can significantly impact your operations.